Your Faux Locs Essential Guide: Cute Hairstyles & More (2024)

Your Faux Locs Essential Guide: Cute Hairstyles & More (1)

By Shenir Dennis

You’ve seen the different faux locs styles and updos: long and short, straight and wavy, neat and messy… You’ve admired each type of style you’ve come across and wondered, How did they do it that way… You’ve done some digging and considered your options and now you want them for yourself.

So if you are ready to learn how to make that a reality, you’ve landed in the right place! Welcome to the ultimate guide to Faux Locs, where we will take you through every step to nailing this gorgeous, of-the-moment look.

So, Just What Are Faux Locs?

Faux Locs are a type of temporary protective hairstyle that has become more popular in recent years due to its range in styles and ease of installment. Many prefer it to normal extensions because it doesn’t require commitment like normal dreadlocks do — you can take them off and reinstall them whenever you’d like. Faux locs are great for those of us who want a protective style that is easy to maintain, while still being stylish.

How to Get The Look

You can achieve faux locs by installing them in two different ways: crochet or braid wrapping. Crocheting speeds up the time that it can take to install them as the locs are already pre-formed. However, if you are trying to achieve a more natural or realistic look, installing faux locs by braid wrapping might be a better option. This method requires you to style your real hair into box braids in order to wrap the faux hair around it (with either marley hair, kanekalon hair, or yarn) to create the look. It takes longer, but it gives you a bit more freedom to be creative with your look as you wrap it.

Keep in mind: While faux locs can be a great choice for a protective style, be mindful that you are essentially adding weight to your scalp when you install faux locs, which can make them way heavier than normal braid extensions (crochet adds less weight than hand wrapping, just fyi). The added weight could also cause breakage at your hair root as it weighed down by the locs. It is especially important to always remember to moisturize your hair when you have faux locs to prevent the possibility of breakage.

What’s The Difference BetweenFaux Locs & Goddess Locs?

Since faux locs have become popular, distinguishing between the different types of styles has gotten a little more difficult to do, especially when everyone’s using the names interchangeably. However, if you can remember that “faux locs” is an overarching label that identifies many different styles under it, you’re off to a great start!

Goddess locs are a type of faux locs style, so they are not necessarily the oppositeof faux locs. Goddess locs happen to be just a bit more fancier thantraditional faux locs styles. Rather than having blunt ends, goddess locs havewavy or curly ends. You can only achieve them through the braid wrapping methodas they require the loc to be made from scratch as opposed to premade. You canalso identify goddess locs by its “kinkier” appearance and silkier hairtexture. Goddess locs tend to be more lightweight too, which is a plus.

Faux Locs Styles

Looking for inspo? We’ve collected some of the cutest and coolest faux locs styles below for your convenience! Check ‘em out below!

Bohemian Locs

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Many people refer to bohemian locs as having a “distressed” look since it is more textured than traditional faux locs styles. There are a number of ways to style them, including by adding your own hair accessories to decorate your locs. Bohemian locs are another style that many people confuse for being goddess locs, but the two styles are still different.

Blonde Faux Locs

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What’s so great about this one is that you can get the blonde look in any faux locs style and they’ll make your melanin pop! Consider adding different colors to single strands to make for a more fun style if you are going for completely casual. Rock your blonde locs it with your favorite sundress or sweater, depending on the weather. Some people say that going blonde is a hit or miss, but here at Swivel Beauty we say to go for what’s best for you! We know you’ll make it amazing, whatever shade of blonde you choose.

Freeform Faux Locs

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These locs are notable for the variety of different textures, lengths, and curl patterns that vary by loc, making for a do that’s visually interesting as well as non-traditional. So if you are looking for a more free form look, “messy” faux locs is the way to go!

Faux Locs Bob

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Keep it short, keep it classy! If you aren’t into having to constantly push back your locs from out of your face, go for a classic faux bob style! You may not be able to have all the liberty to have your locs be too thick (if that’s what you usually prefer), but we promise that you’ll look amazing like the ladies we’ve included above do!

Getting The Style: FAQs

How much does the hair for installing faux locs usually cost?

This question is dependent on several factors: the method of installment, the type of hair that you use, and the amount of hair that you need. Using synthetic hair will always be the cheaper option over using human hair. Synthetic hair packs can range anywhere from $10 to $20, while human hair can cost upwards of $50 for one pack. Once you have decided on what style you want, it is important to ask your stylist how much hair you may need to buy in order to achieve a certain look (length and size will matter). Start by consulting our Protective Hair Buying Guide.

What is the average cost for a professional installment?

The cost for having your faux locs installed by a professional can range anywhere from $100 to $300, depending on the type of faux locs style you are looking to achieve. Crochet faux locs also tends to be less expensive, while hand-wrapping costs more because it takes longer to individually wrap the braids.

How do I take care of my faux locs after they’ve been installed?

Washing faux locs isn’t necessary since you are not dealing with your real hair. Keeping your scalp and edges moisturized and clean while you have faux locs is important however to protect your real hair. The key is also making sure your hair is healthy, strong, and well-moisturized before you get them installed to avoid breakage. As with any protective style, plan to take these out after 6 to 8 weeks.

Where can I find a stylist?

Installing faux locs is not a service that’s offered at just any salon and quite possibly, not even your local one. It’s no secret that black women across the nation struggle to find hair products and services that meet their hair’s specific needs. Finding a place to get faux locs done professionally might be harder than you originally anticipate, but thanks to our app, Swivel Beauty, you can get connected to hundreds of stylists in your area. Our stylists offer services for all your hair care needs, including faux locs installation. To learn more about Swivel Beauty, check us out here.

Your Faux Locs Essential Guide: Cute Hairstyles & More (2024)
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